Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thoughtless and Arrogant

I watched the Braves home opener on ESPN. The announcers were Orel Hershiser and Sean McDonnaugh. I apologize if I spelled your name wrong, Sean. Anyway, there was a play where Orel asked how the play was scored. Sean snapped, "You gonna save that scoresheet for the rest of your life?" I thought that remark was thoughtless and arrogant. What if there were some youngsters watching who were practicing how to keep score? It does take some practice as sometimes several things are happening at one time. Announcers, especially ESPN announcers, should really be able to help us sort things out. Skip Caray was the best when it came to remembering that someone watching might be just learning how to score the game of baseball. ESPN announcers could learn a thing or two from the examples set by Skip.

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